West German Titles and Ratings

The West German Showlines have requirements and testing to pass before they can be bred in Germany. This section will give you a detailed explanation of the terms used during this process:

  KKL1 (KoerKlasse 1)

For this rating the dog must compete for titles in Germany or other countries under the rules of the SV (Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde, the club for German Shepherd Dogs in Germany). To meet this world standard each dog must pass a companion dog temperament test known as the BH, then the dog must earn a working title known as a Schutzhund I or IPO I title, have his/her hips certified by either by "a" stamp or OFA, a 12 mile endurance test followed by an examination for physical soundness. Then the dog must compete at a show to achieve a conformation rating of at least a SG (very good), V (excellent), or VA (excellent select). Once all these achievements are accomplished he/she is then entered into a Koerung/Breed Survey (qualify for breeding). At the breed survey the dog is carefully evaluated for correct structure, temperament, and courage. These requirements are only guidelines for the German Shepherd breed, sometimes recommendations are given to who the dog should be bred with to produce excellent offspring.

  KKL2 (KoerKlasse 2)

Suitable for breeding. The dog may have minor faults in structure or work, which can sometimes be compensated for by other bloodlines. Maybe re surveyed at a later date.

  Schutzhund (SchH) I,2,3 or IPO I,2,3

These are working titles that are achieved by competing in the fields of obedience, tracking, and protection. They test the dogs discipline to the utmost degree. Each level must be passed on the day and score a 70 or better in each discipline to achieve the degree. In each degree the disciplines are harder for the dog and the handler to compete. A SchH I is the minimum required working title for breeding in Germany. In the United States there is no such requirement for breeding. The IPO title is comparable to a Schutzhund degree.

  The World Sieger Dog Show 

The German Shepherd Dog Club of West Germany (known as the SV) sponsors the largest German Shepherd conformation specialty show in the world. This show is held in a different city in Germany every year. There are usually 1500 dogs and 30,000 spectators at the show.

Sieger or Siegeren: Title given to the top male and female at the German World Sieger Show, they will also receive the rating of VA 1, making them the #1 German Shepherd of the World!

VA- (Vorzuglich Auslese): Excellent select, the highest attainable award by a German Show dog and granted only at the annual Sieger Show. The VA is followed by a numeric number which is their seated place. 
  for example: VA 5 means that the German Shepherd placed in the excellent select category and placed or seated 5th.

V- (Vorzuglich): excellent, this is another category that a German Shepherd can fall under. It too is followed by a numeric number which is the dogs seat or place.

SG- (Sehr Gut): Very Good, an official German show grade and the highest obtainable by dogs under 2 years of age.

G- (Gut): Good

I hope this explains the different titles and their importance. Before I move on let me give you a German Shepherds SV registered name and breakdown the meaning.

  2X VA1 (2008 & 2009) Vegas du Haut Mansard

  So basically what you have is Vegas received the highest award twice and was seated 1st both times giving him the Sieger award making him the #1 German Shepherd in the World for 2008 & 2009. 

Don't under estimtate the West German Show lines. They are not only beautiful, but they work just like your Working German Lines.